A Valentine’s Poem by Thomas Snow @snowglobeman

We all love reading his beautiful words on Twitter.  Thank you for writing and sharing your Valentine’s Poem.    ~Susi

happy valentines day image


I have not bought you chocolates and flowers

I have not reserved a dinner table

I have not bought you a romantic card

I have not booked a night away

I have not done any of these things

Other loves will share their valentines

Other loves will sip bubbly champagne

Other lovers will exchange tokens

Other loves will declare and claim

I have not bought you chocolates and flowers

I have bitten your neck while caressing your shoulder and held you under shooting stars. I have carved your name on a tree and told the tree that I have given you my soul. I have talked with you until the dawn and been inside your body and your mind. I have kissed your book in a supermarket queue and written poetry about you with tears falling from my brutal eyes. I have bought you a dress to watch you dance and to rip it from your body to hear you gasp and sigh – I remembered your words to lull my soul to sleep. I have bathed you surrounded by candles and held your hair tight in a fist while kissing you with the awesome force of a storm. I have told you my secret childhood dreams and watched you sleep praying that you will be in my life forever. I have lit a candle in a  Parisian church and looked to the heavens when rain fell knowing your heart is mine. I have seen you grow in confidence and experience and have tasted the forever juice of your beautiful memories.

I have fucking loved you with a force beyond anything I have ever known and with a desire I did not believe could exist

I have not bought you chocolates and flowers


I love you

And my life is your Valentine

Thomas J. Snow

You can read more of @Snowglobeman’s beautiful and inspiring words on Twitter.

Follow him: @snowglobeman

Check out his awesome website too. www.snowglobeman.com

Thanks again for sharing! xoxo ~ Reading Between the Wines Blog

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