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Here are some of  the delicious wines I had while in Spain.  I wanted to share them.  I know several of my followers love wine.

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Susi Reviews – An Acute Attraction by @AJWaltersAuthor

an acute attraction

Meet… …Working single mother Isabel Chambers. She’s not a size 12 or as you’ve probably guessed, a virgin either. …Marc Sanders an attractive, successful Harvard Professor of Medicine visiting Cambridge. He has a secret past that has been well hidden until now. An Acute Attraction is a heart warming, exciting and compelling story of love and romance, full of seductive, sensual and tantalizing emotions and images, sexual exploration and passion. Isabel Chambers is an ordinary, working, single mother of two, who needs some “me” time, so, kids sorted, she books herself into a hotel for a week of rest and relaxation. Marc Sanders is an American professor at Harvard University and is in England to present research results to Cambridge University. Two people, out for adventure and excitement, meet and begin a journey of fun, thrills, lust and desire. But, is Marc all he seems to be? What is he hiding?


My Review

It’s not often that I come across a book that I instantly connect with, especially on a personal level. But, those are the books I enjoy the most.  I guess I love this book so much because the main character and I have so much in common.  An Acute Attraction by A.J. Walters is that book.

First of all, I was immediately drawn to Isabel, the female protagonist in the story because there is so much of me in her.  I too once was the single mother of two boys who would do anything just for them.  And, just like Isabel, I am an educator.  Having gone through a similar experience in my life made this a book I thoroughly enjoyed.

A.J. Walter’s debut is about a “real” woman.  Isabel is not the perfect size 0 female.  She is the real, I have lived and I know what I want out of life woman.  I don’t always read about this strong type of character so this is another reason this was so appealing to read.  The story is well written and flows perfectly.  The characters in the story are well developed and extremely likable.

Isabel is off on a weekend getaway without her boys.  (Don’t we all dream about this?)  She is ready to come out of her shell and out of her to day to day lifestyle when she meets Marc.  Ok, let me tell you about Marc.  He is a professor. Yes, thanks to Sylvain Reynard, I have a thing for professors.  (A.J. Walters, you too?)  He is handsome, successful, rich and oh so sexy.  Marc is the total package! Their meeting results in instantly chemistry.  Adding Marc to her plans makes this weekend even better.

The story is told from Isabel’s point of view so it is humorous.  There were many laughable moments throughout the book.  There are intimate moments too.  These moments of intimacy were well written leaving enough for the imagination of the reader.

This book does end with a cliffhanger.  I can’t wait to read the continuation of Isabel and Marc’s story.

Congrats to A.J. Walters on her debut!

I gave this book 5 stars!

I searched for my Marc and found this oh so sexy and handsome gentleman.  Here’s my perfect Marc.  And here is my Isabel, the “real” woman in this story.  🙂

marc an acute attraction francis cadieux

Hello there Marc!

isabel an acute attraction














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About the Author: A.J. Walters

A J Walters is a new contemporary romance author who has just made her first appearance on to the indie circuit. Having interests in history, romance and elements of erotica, she has brought all of these together in her debut publication; An Acute Attraction.

Wanting to break the trend of size 12 virgins in books, A J Walters has introduced a new real woman in Isabel Chambers. She’s a size 18-20, working single mother who now feels is it her time to start living her life again. At the ripe young age of 39, A J Walters also wanted to show that you can experience everything that a twenty-something would.

“I saw that a 39 year old isn’t quite at retirement age for fun, sex and finding love again. There are so many women out there that can be represented in books as well as the slim, innocent and beautiful types. Don’t get me wrong I love reading books with them in, but there is so many of them around now I felt it is time for something different. I’d like to think I brought my sense of humour across in it as well. I am ditsy, I suffer from ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome, but I can also be serious and sentimental. From the feedback I’ve had, apparently it makes for a great writing voice.”

A J Walters currently lives in North Staffordshire, UK with her 2 children.

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