Has Social Media Impacted Your Reading Habits?

Has Social Media Impacted Your Reading Habits?  

I created a Twitter account to follow my favorite authors over a year ago.  Soon after, I quickly learned that social media was an amazing tool.  I was able to discover new authors, connect with bloggers who introduced me to new books, and I was able to share my thoughts and opinions on books I had just read. Social media is definitely a powerful marketing tool!

Again, I think social media is amazing.  It has impacted my daily reading habits.  I admit, I spend many hours of my day reading blog posts and online articles.  I check my Facebook numerous times a day as well. Social media keeps me up to date. Through both Twitter and Facebook, I learn about giveaways, cover reveals and what new books an author is working on. I love being so well informed.

I also love that I am able to keep in touch with authors.  I get so excited when I get a reply from one of my favorite authors.   It really brightens my day.  I think social media has had a positive impact on reading overall.  Many authors have been discovered this way.  Indie authors (my favorite kind) benefit from their followers who re-tweet and support them.

I have also met many amazing people via social media who share my love of reading.  There are so many awesome bloggers out there too.  I have been fortunate to interact with these wonderful and supportive bloggers who make my cyber experience all the more enjoyable.

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Now tell me, has social media impacted your reading habits?

What are your thoughts?

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