Tease Me Tuesday with @JenniferProbst and @HelenaHunting

Happy Tuesday!  

Ready for some teasers?

These two short teasers come from two of my favorite books and favorite authors.

I hope they make you wonder. Go ahead and order or pre/order these books today!  😉




An image of Clark Kent skittered in her vision. Geeky, clumsy, socially awkward, but underneath, hotness galore.  And she could do it; she sensed a wealth of appeal behind his veneer that she ached to unearth.

Searching for Perfect by Jennifer Probst


searching for perfect cover




Searching for Perfect is out today!

Here are the buy links:






Stay tuned for a full review and giveaway on Friday as part of the Blog Tour!


 “I love cupcakes, and, uh…she makes the best cupcakes ever, so I figure it’s fitting, yeah?”

Inked Armor by Helena Hunting


inked armor




Inked Armor will be out soon!  (May 13th)

Pre-Order this gem today!






Full Review coming as part of the Blog Tour after book releases.


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