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Susi Reviews – Saving Poughkeepsie

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Saving Poughkeepsie 

Debra Anastasia

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Beckett Taylor’s quest to be a better man has brought Eve Hart back into his
life, but sometimes it feels like they’re bound together with barbed
wire. Though he longs to love her without causing pain, the wreckage of
their past continues to crash down around them.
Yet with the
help of this brothers—and for his brothers—Beckett won’t stop trying.
He’s determined to make them all a family, to make a life they want to
live, and to make Poughkeepsie a place that’s safe to live it.

He can feel their futures balanced precariously on his shoulders: Blake
and Livia and their children, Cole and Kyle and the new baby they’ve
just brought home, and Eve…always Eve. He wants their dreams to be real.
But murderers don’t just get Happily Ever After handed to them. They
have to wrench it away from Satan himself.

Good thing Beckett is prepared to do just that.

After all, saving Poughkeepsie is the only way his story ends.

Prepare your heart and your head for a wild ride in this final installment of
the Poughkeepsie Brotherhood series. Debra Anastasia does not disappoint
as she weaves the last chapter of a story that blends true love,
turbulent emotions, and life’s harsh realities into an uplifting tale
that calls to the good in each of us.

  My Review

Every once in awhile a series comes along that you didn’t expect would blow you away.  This is how I feel about the entire series written by the amazing Debra Anastasia.  I have to admit, I first picked up Poughkeepsie (a year ago) without even reading the book’s description.  To my surprise, the book, the characters and the writer’s creativity,  hooked me and made me a loyal fan. Poughkeepsie and Return to Poughkeepsie were both fantastic reads but Saving Poughkeepsie topped the series.

Saving Poughkeepsie is a story of hope, love, family and so much more.  All of these themes are well blended into a story that will take you on an incredibly emotional ride.  I smiled, teared up, cried for both good and bad moments, got angry a few times, and smiled some more. So yes, Debra was able to rattle my emotions.  Isn’t that what a great writer does?

What can I say about the characters? The brothers represent so many different things.   I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Blake.  I fell for him in book one. There is so much to love about him.   Cole made me look and think about the goodness of people in a different light. To me, Cole brings the balance needed in all of the character’s lives. I love him too.  Beckett….bad ass Beckett…. there are no words to describe him right now. If there is one character that I enjoyed reading about, it was Beckett.  While all of the characters evolved and transformed throughout the series, Beckett has to be my favorite.  (No spoilers here- read the book and you will discover why)

I don’t want to leave the females in the story out.  Livia and Kyle are both amazing female characters but it is Eve, who steals this show.  While I didn’t care much for her when I first met her in book one, she too transformed and I longed for her happiness in this book.

Saving Poughkeepsie is a book that will be difficult to forget.  It is truly a story like no other.  It actually took me longer to finish reading than expected. However, I savored every bit of this book.  It was a bittersweet experience since I did not want it to end.  Debra has an amazing ability to write a story. She is an extremely creative writer who transported me into her book.  Her writing made me feel like I was there, alongside with the characters experiencing every emotion and event along the way.  Her writing style is different, refreshing, dirty, witty, bad ass, but most of all, real.

Finally, I don’t want to give away any spoilers in my review. You MUST read this book!  Saving Poughkeepsie is the third book in a series and the perfect ending for the characters who stole my heart.  Be sure to read Poughkeepsie and Return to Poughkeepsie first.

Read, take the memorable journey along with the brothers, their wives and families. Enjoy!

I gave this book 5 stars!

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


5 stars

Excerpt (from one of my favorite parts of the book)

“Come with me.” He led her to the beach again, but during dinner a few people had been busy. It was now lined with an aisle of candles, and a man stood close to the breaking surf, hands crossed, waiting. Someone had used the surrounding sand as a canvas, creating a swirling pattern. Their names were part of the art.

What? She asked without a sound.

“I want you to marry me. Here. Now.”

Beckett let go of her hand and strode away. When he turned around, close to the water at the end of the aisle, he hoped to hell she wasn’t running in the other direction.

TPB Series on Make A Gif

Book 1 


Poughkeepsie (Book 1)
He counts her smiles every day and night at the train station. And morning and evening, the beautiful commuter acknowledges him—just like she does everyone else on the platform. But Blake Hartt is not like the others . . . he’s homeless. Memories of a broken childhood have robbed him of peace and twisted delusions into his soul. He stays secluded from the sun, sure the world would run from him in the harsh light of day.Each day, Livia McHugh smiles politely and acknowledges her fellow commuters as she waits for the train to the city. She dismisses this kindness as nothing special, just like her. She’s the same as a million other girls—certainly no one to be cherished. But special or not, she smiles every day, never imagining that someone would rely on the simple gesture as if it were air to breathe.When the moment comes that Livia must do more than smile, without hesitation she steps into the fray to defend the homeless man. And she’s surprised to discover an inexplicable connection with her new friend. After danger subsides, their smiles become conversation. Their words usher in a friendship, which awakens something in each of them. But it’s not long before their bond must prove its strength. Entanglements from the past challenge both their love and their lives.Blake’s heart beats for Livia’s, even if her hands have to keep its rhythm. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love never fails. Love never fails, right?In an interwoven tale of unlikely loves and relationships forged by fire, Debra Anastasia takes readers into the darkest corners of human existence, only to show them the radiant power of pure adoration and true sacrifice. Complicated families and confused souls find their way to light in this novel, which manages to be racy, profane, funny, and reverent all at once.

Sometimes a book changes the very way you see love. It takes your smile, counts it, and turns it into a story that simply asks for your entire heart.

Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia is a cult hit since 2011. It claims over 800 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 average. Poughkeepsie was voted second by The Rockstars of Romance as the most romantic book of all time. The Poughkeepsie Brotherhood series, includes three books, with the grand finale, Saving Poughkeepsie.

The train ticket to the journey of the Poughkeepsie will only cost .99 cents for a limited time sale, starting on 11/19/14. It’s the perfect gift for your favorite reader. It’s the romance your imagination deserves.

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Return to Poughkeepsie (Book 2)


Beckett Taylor is a murderer. His calling, his craft are destruction and intimidation—whether he wants it that way now or not. He left Poughkeepsie to keep his brothers safe, to keep Eve safe. Set up with happy lives to live, they’re better off without him, right?

But all his willpower crumbles when he hears his brother Blake’s frantic voice on the phone. An unknown enemy has moved in on his old territory, and Livia’s been taken. In an instant, Beckett knows it will take an attack only he and Eve can execute to bring her back. All his self-imposed embargoes are torn to shreds, perhaps along with the new man he’s struggled to become.

“Brother, call Eve. I’ll be there soon.”

In this emotional and action-packed sequel to Poughkeepsie, Debra Anastasia conjures a tale of love at its most raw and ragged. With Beckett and Eve, how could we expect anything less? But even when it’s messy, not magical, true love perseveres. Real love finds a way—for better or for worse until death does part.


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    Read, take the memorable journey along with the brothers, their wives and families. Enjoy!” Susi from Reading & Writing Between The Wines Blog

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