Susi Reviews Coming Down (Bound Together #3) by Marie Coulson @marie_coulson


Susi Reviews Coming Down (Bound Together #3)

by Marie Coulson

coming down cover



You can’t run away forever; sometimes, you have to start over… With college coming to an end, a promising career in sight, and a sexy, talented rocker to spend eternity with, Layla’s life is finally coming together. She’s living the American dream. But dreams can soon become nightmares when the man you love becomes one of the world’s most lusted after celebrities. Battling to find a balance between her hectic profession and the trying demands of the rock and roll lifestyle, Layla soon discovers that the glare of the spotlight is blinding. Adding fuel to a fiery situation, old friends turn over new leaves, thereby leaving Layla with a troubling dilemma. Will her past ruin her present? Is she strong enough to handle coming down? Intense passion, deep emotion, sex, drugs…and rock and roll.



My Review

Marie writes raw and real characters. In fact, that is one of the reasons why I loved Coming Down so much.  Her writing is brutally honest.  The characters in her stories reflect real people with real problems. Life is not sugarcoated and her writing is true to life. Marie delivers writing that will keep you hooked, make you gasp, smile, cry and in the end, leave you satisfied.

Coming Down was an amazing read.  Honestly, it consumed me.  I became a fan of this series and this book was one of my most anticipated reads.  Coming Down starts off right where Burning Up leaves you.  Ollie’s dreams of becoming a rock star have come true.  Layla has decided Ollie is her man.  Let me warn you, there are many unexpected moments in this book.  Honestly, it was those moments that made me love it more.  As a fan of Marie’s writing, I was glad to see the edgy, dark side of her characters.  After all, she wrote about the life of a rock star. I expected and longed for the real, graphic and intense moments that are brought to life in this book.

When I think about this book, I think about sacrifice; the kind of sacrifices that a person makes to help the ones that they love.  It is important to understand the reasons why people do what they do for others.  You definitely created many moments for the reader to actually analyze and understand that premise in this book.

Layla has so much going on in her life now.  Managing college life and Ollie are quite difficult.  However, she proves to be a mature woman, one that I was glad to see thrive in this book.  I found myself rooting for her the entire time.

Your series wouldn’t be complete without all of the wonderful characters that have supported Layla.   Her friends Mel and Amy continue to stand by her and are what you call “real friends.”  Their roles were significant in this book and I enjoyed reading about them and watching their own relationships and lives flourish.

Shaye, from the band pissed me off several times but I found myself liking, understanding, and ultimately admiring her.  It’s safe to say, don’t judge someone until you truly get to know them.

Jared, oh this gorgeous powerful man didn’t disappoint me either.  He made me smile several times in this book.  He too turned out to be so much more than I expected. One would think that with their history of back and forth he would turn out to be bitter. Instead, he shines in this book.  I’m so glad you created him. Layla is a lucky lady.

Finally, let me talk about Ollie.  I fell in love with this rock star the very first time I met him in the first book in this series.  Holy hotness!  #TeamOllie.  Sorry Jared, the rock star stole my heart.  Watching him evolve, chase his dreams, love, live and ……   Well, you are going to have to read this book yourself.  No spoilers from me.  But, I will say this; the ending will most definitely make you smile.


“Love is the strongest force on earth. It has the ability to crush us and build us up to highs we never dreamed possible. You have the biggest heart I have ever known, baby and it’s filled to the brim with love. If anyone can help that boy get his life back…it’s you. I believe in you, Layla and I’m so proud of you for standing by his side. I know it’s not easy.”


Again, I loved this book and highly recommend it.  Coming Down is not a stand-alone read so be sure to read the previous books in this series.

I gave this book 5 stars and I look forward to reading more of Marie’s top notch writing.


5 stars


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About Marie Coulson

I’m Marie Coulson, writer and creator of the Bound Together series.

Born and bred in England, I discovered my love for writing when I was a mere child. Beginning with poetry and short stories, I soon discovered my flare and passion for the written word.
After pursuing a career in childcare, education and the care of the elderly, I left my job in the summer of 2012. It was at this point I finally sat down to write a novel that had been plotted for nearly three years. Only three months later…Bound Together was born.






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