Susi Interviews Paul from Father & Son by Michelle Day @ProdigalSon_1

Susi Interviews Paul Jensen from Father & Son by Michelle Day.

**This interview does contain some spoilers.  So, if you haven’t read the second book in the series, read that first.  

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Susi: Thank you Paul for agreeing to this interview after so many years.  The last time we met you were a cheeky incorrigible teen.

Paul:  Hello Susi, looking beautiful as always.

Susi:  I’m glad to see you have grown into a gorgeous man.

Paul:  I have to do my bit to keep the scenery looking good don’t I?

 Susi:  *giggles*  Oh you are doing a fine job.

Your story in Father & Son was amazing.  I really did enjoy reading it.

Paul:  I’m glad to hear that. It was quite a journey. I had a lot of growing up to do. Indeed.

Susi:  You had many goals, one of them was to retire by the age of 30. Do you think that goal is attainable?

Paul:   Yes, I can retire at any time. Whether or not I am willing to relinquish control is another matter entirely.

 Susi:  What plans does Paul have after that?

Paul:  You may remember that I promised my father I would take everything. I am still working on that.

 Susi:  I can see you have fine taste.

Paul:  Always.

Susi:  Your clothing and watch are a giveaway. Who can you thank for your exquisite taste? I bet the lovely Monica had something to do with that.  How is your lovely mother?

Paul:  Mum is responsible for my watch, nice isn’t it? I have developed a taste for handmade suits and shirts, they just sit so much nicer on my body than off the rack. Mum does have an excellent sense of style so it would be safe to say that she has been a heavy influence in the way I dress.

 Susi:  The last time I saw you, you were about to embark in fatherhood.  How has fatherhood changed you?

Paul:  That’s actually a tough question. I don’t think it has changed me much. I’ve always been aware of my responsibilities. I make sure to provide well for my children but I have a lot of guilt over not spending very much time with them.

Susi:  I read about all of those women in your life.  Any regrets?

Paul:  Regrets about women? No. Never. Each has changed me in small ways, made me want to be a better man,

Susi:  If you could go back and change your past, would you?

Paul:   I might change a few things.

Susi:  What would you do differently?

Paul:  I would perhaps try not be quite so antagonistic towards my father but I doubt that would last for long. I would certainly be a better father to my children than I have been and their mother would have been Suzanne.

Susi:  Has your relationship with your father improved?  Not at all. We barely speak. Has becoming a grandfather softened him? His connection with my son surprises me. I’m not particularly comfortable with it but I think Gavin will get to know him in ways I never could and he enjoys my father’s company so I am happy for it to continue.

Susi:  You were quite generous with the women in your life.  Is the older Paul the same way?

Paul:  When I could afford to be generous as a young man, I was. That hasn’t changed. The only thing I am selfish with is my time but I am working to change that.

Susi:  I bet Suzie loves your generosity.

Paul:   I do like to lavish her with gifts and she does look good in diamonds. I haven’t heard her protest yet.

Susi:  Is Suzie a jealous woman?  You are a looker for sure.  I am sure women throw themselves at you.

Paul:   I would say she doesn’t display jealousy in the traditional sense but I am sure I give her cause for it at times. However, I have committed to her. I waited far too long to be with her to mess it up. It’s funny, I thought my wedding ring would act as a deterrent but it’s more like a magnet. Perhaps it makes me a challenge. I love women but you do mystify me still. Something tells me you like it that way.

Susi:  Hmm… Your role as a father is an important one. Are you close to your children today?

Paul:   I am close to my daughter, probably because she had more of my time. My relationship with my son is one that needs constant work and adjustments on both our parts. You will read more about that in the next book.

Susi:  I am looking forward to that book.  Please tell Michelle to hurry up.

I bet Marissa has you eating out of the palm of her hand.

Paul:   *smiles* Of course.

Susi:  The role of a stepmother isn’t easy.  Is Suzie prepared for this challenge? How is she handling it?

Paul:  The role was sort of thrust upon her wasn’t it? I suppose I didn’t actually give it a second thought, my focus was elsewhere at the time and perhaps I just expected her to step in to the role without question but knowing my Suzie the way I do, she’ll excel at it. She’s an incredibly giving woman and I am sure she will handle my children and me without even breaking a nail.

Susi:  How are your siblings Matt and Tessa?

Paul:  They are very well. I’ll let them know you were asking.

Susi:  You did get yourself into lots of mischief with Matt.

Paul:  Good times.

Susi:  Will we get more of their story in the next book?

Paul:  You will find out more about them, I am unsure if that will happen in the next book.

Susi:  Is there a special lady in Matt’s life?

Paul:  Matt will find his lady in a most unexpected place.

Susi:  Special man for Tessa?

Paul:  Yes, Tessa also finds the love of her life.

Susi:  My interview wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t ask you about Uncle John.  I remember meeting him at our last interview. I recall him being quite the handsome Spaniard.  How is he?  I hope Michelle plans on giving us more of his story in the next book as well.  He has played a significant role in your life.  Is it safe to say you look up to him?

Paul:  John is well. He’s being kept busy with the shoe factory but he still finds time to… shall we say let his hair down so to speak. He’s not showing any signs of running out of steam yet. He may be my uncle but he has played such a significant role in my life that I would say he’s more like a father to me. He and I are certainly kindred spirits.

Susi:  You haven’t been married too long to Suzie.  How is married life?

Paul:   I should have been married to her longer but married life is great. She is everything I look for in a woman and she certainly keeps me on my toes.

Susi:  One word to describe Gavin:

Paul:  Misunderstood

Susi:  One word to describe Marissa:

Paul:  Spoiled


Susi:  Valentine’s Day is coming up.  Do you have any special plans with Suzie? ( I won’t tell)

Paul:  I have been told not to plan anything. She tells me she has something in mind for me, should be interesting but I have a gift for her, it’s something every Jensen over the age of twenty-one has and yes, there are diamonds.


Susi:  Finally, will Paul Jensen ever board a plane and come to Miami so I can interview him here?

Paul:  Stranger things have happened.He he.

Susi:  Just drink some wine and close your eyes.  The flight will be over before you know it.


Rapid Fire for this Older Paul


Next car: I love my cars and although I could afford one for each day of the month, I tend to hang on to the ones I have. Having said that, I have recently purchased a Jaguar XF

Next watch: I love my Rolex and won’t be changing it any time soon.

Tiffany or Cartier? Tiffany for her. Cartier for me.

Favorite drink: Besides a good old cuppa? Brandy.

Your next vacation? I’m too busy to take a break but I think somewhere hot would be nice. Perhaps Tahiti, just because I like the name.

Still sporting the black boxers? Yes, when I am not going commando.

One word to describe Paul: You say, one word? That’s tough. If you had asked me in my younger days I would have laughed and told you there is no one word that can describe me. I’m too many great things to be just one word. But although I believe I’m still all those things, the value I place on them has changed. So I’ll give you one word.. see how much I’ve grown? That one word is the thing I’ve always been driven to be, in business, in love, in life. And I’m finally there. Accomplished.


Susi:  Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. It was great to interview you again.    I am sure fans of Prodigal Son and Father & Son will be thrilled to learn more about you.

Paul:  Thank you Susi. I enjoy talking to you.


So there you have it.  Go ahead and one click this wonderful series by Michelle Day.  Meet Paul and fall in love with this bad boy.  🙂


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