A Love Least Expected by C.W. Nightly Release Blast with Giveaway @CWNightly

“A Love Least Expected” Release Blast – February 14-15, 2015

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Title:   A Love Least Expected

Author:  C. W. Nightly

Publisher: Sinful eBooks

Category – Genre: Short Story, Erotic Romance


Payton hates the pressure of Valentine ’s Day, as she gathers with her closest friends to celebrate the end of yet another failed relationship she promises herself no more. No more compromises, no more settling. Little does she realize one of her friends wants more, Cade wants everything if she is just willing to see it. Sometimes all you really need is right in front of you.


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About the Author

cw.jpgBorn and raised in Montreal, Canada, C. W. still calls Montreal home, surrounded and supported by her husband, five children and Siamese cat.   She has always loved reading, but only recently began indulging in writing herself.  She also enjoys the smell of spring rain and walking through the first snowfalls of December at night, especially when the snow is crunchy.   Her message to readers?

“Nothing beats revisiting a good story where the characters are like old friends.”


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  More Publications by CW Nightly  

“Neighborly Love”  (A Short Story)

Publication Date:  February 12, 2015

Neighborly Love-Cover

Valentine’s Day ~ the worst night of the year for the beautiful Avery Pierce to be locked out of her apartment. When the object of her desire, the promiscuous and handsome neighbor across the hall offers her dinner and a place to stay he may be opening a door to more than just his apartment.


Free To Try

An Amazon best-selling erotic romance-suspense novel

Publication Date: November, 2014



Mercy hasn’t had an easy life and has just escaped her sadistic and sociopathic ex-boyfriend Alex. Fearing the repercussions she’ll face if he finds her, she flees Florida leaving behind everything and everyone in exchange for a new beginning.

Aiden lost his submissive and fiancée one year ago to a random act of violence. Adrift, he believes seeing the criminals brought to justice is what he needs to start living again.

When Mercy Winters shows up at Aiden’s company, sent by the temp agency to fill a receptionist position, their instant attraction has sparks flying, surprising them both. While Aiden is prepared to hold on to the first woman to turn his head over the last year, Mercy would just as well run in the other direction.

After Aiden manipulates the circumstances of her employment Mercy has no choice but to confide in her hot new boss. Aiden’s more than willing to help with ANYTHING she needs, while Mercy is more than willing to give up her body in order to experience the intense pleasure only Aiden can provide. But in return he wants everything, body, heart and soul. Can she even consider his offer and keep one step ahead of Alex?

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Susi Reviews – For Valentine’s by Kat & Stone Bastion @KatBastion @StoneBastion

Susi Reviews For Valentine’s by Kat and Stone Bastion 

happy valentines day imagefor valentine's cover


This steamy nightcap novella, the fifth book in the No Weddings Series, takes us on a post-happily-ever-after adventure as Cade attempts to rewrite Valentine’s Day with his new wife, Hannah.

Wedded bliss. After everything Hannah and I have been through, we finally have it. Yet dark dreams from my troubled past continue to escalate as we approach Valentine’s Day.

Determined to fill our present with great memories that overtake all others, I plan a trip to New York—down to every scheduled detail. Yeah, there will even be a musical.

But Mother Nature has a few tricks up her sleeve. And the universe keeps throwing us curveballs…


valentine42 couple kissing on bench

My Review

I am super excited to share my review of For Valentine’s by Kat and Stone Bastion today.  I read this marvelous book several weeks ago but decided that since Valentine’s Day was such a significant day for both Hannah and Cade, I would honor them and their love with a Valentine’s Day review post.

For Valentine’s is a fantastic read.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the books in this series.  This final book, was the icing on the cake.  In this book, Cade and Hannah are newlyweds.  Cade has planned a weekend getaway with his new bride to New York City.  Their life is perfect. Their chemistry stronger than ever. Their sex lives, I can’t forget to mention that, is amazing as well.  Seriously, we are talking about Cade here and he is “sexy as fuck.”

There’s just one problem, and it is affecting Cade.  He’s having these nightmares. The past is hard to erase.  Cade’s weekend plans take them on a road trip to New York.  Hannah is over the top with the idea of New York City.  With Cade as a personal tour guide, I would be too.  Getting to New York takes them on a road trip in Hannah’s vintage Mustang.  Car trouble along the way delays their arrival.  Their wait for a tow truck is one of the best/steamiest parts of the book.  Put it this way, car sex at its best. And the humor, make it classic.  Cade even reveals a first in his life.

This book is filled with many funny moments and sexy banter delivered by Cade himself.  Told from his POV, just like the first book in the series, it is simply perfect.

New York Minutes are redefined and closets are revisited, even the cloakroom at The Gershwin Theater. Oh my…

If you’ve read the other books in the series, you will recall the use of condiments. Well, don’t fret.  Cade continues to enhance his talents with one final condiment in this book.

From flowers to a rooftop dinner, their Valentine’s evening cannot get any better.  Cade saved the best part of his plans for last.  Their evening ends on a most memorable gondola ride. The ride and Cade’s plans are perfect.

Without giving too much away, I have to say that I had happy tears for this awesome couple at the end.   I’ve enjoyed their story in this brilliantly written series.  I can’t wait for more books by this dynamic writing duo.  I hear they are currently plotting something new.  Yay!

I gave this book 5 stars!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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FOR VALENTINE’S ~ Amazon | Barnes & Noble |



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