Cover Reveal & Excerpt – How To Punish Your Playboy by Mina Vaughn @MinaVaughn


As a fan of Mina Vaughn’s writing, I am thrilled to share her latest cover for her upcoming book How To Punish Your Playboy.

I love it!  Be sure to add it to your TBR list.



 how to punish your playboy

Available April 6, 2015




In this saucy and funny domination romance, pin-up model Veronika Kane meets sexy, arrogant Aston Delano and decides to teach this playboy a lesson he’ll never forget.

When Veronika Kane hears that she’s up for Miss Pin Up Las Vegas, she auctions off her classic hot-rod and decides to head out west. But when the man who bought her car, hot restaurateur Aston Delano, asks her to “show him the ropes,” his not-so-innocent question takes them down a surprising, sexy road. And as they travel cross-country as Domme/sub, their chemistry sizzles—as do the luscious meals Aston creates.

Torn between the rediscovered pleasure of food and worry about staying in competition shape, Mistress Veronika unexpectedly finds herself as much a pupil as a teacher. Throw in long-distance trouble from her ex and from Aston’s family, and it’s a potential recipe for disaster. A road trip can be hard on any relationship—will this drive them apart, or will they buckle in for the long haul?



I put my hands on my knees and leaned over in a full-on sex

kitten pose. “I’m kinky. I’m into bondage. I like to tie men like

you up and have them for dinner,” I said into his ear. Part of me

contemplated adding, Not, like, literally, since this boy was skittish.

Again with the ragged breaths. This one was going to drive

me crazy. I undid those tempting buttons on his vest first. Jeez, a

jacket, vest, and shirt just to get to this guy’s skin? What a tease.

“Okay,” he said softly. “Um, what do I do?” His eyes were still

full of fear and questions, but I knew he was game. His body was

telling me more by the second. His open, wet mouth and the

stiffening in his pants betrayed his real interest.

I smiled. “All you have to do is obey. Submit.”

“Okay, but I don’t think I’ve ever done either of those things

in my life,” he admitted, his roguish expression returning. I knew

he was too cocky for this. “What happens if I don’t?” He narrowed

his eyes and pouted his lips.

Instead of dropping my smile, it widened. “You get punished.”

It was go big or go home time with my Dirty Playboy, and he had

lessons to learn.

His tan skin blanched slightly and he forced a nod. “Yes . . .


I tapped his cheek with my fingers. “You’re a fast learner.

Good boy.” And apparently I was a fast learner, too, because I was

even convincing myself I was up for this. Part of me considered

FaceTiming Sarah for tips, but I knew I needed to do this on my


Swinging my legs over the center console, I planted myself

firmly in his lap with my bag of tricks to my right. I unlocked

the cuffs for a moment so I could get that stifling jacket off him.

“Don’t worry, those are going back on,” I said.

He nodded.

“But first, I’m going to bind your chest.” I slid his jacket off his

shoulders and tossed it behind us. A stiff piece of paper dropped

beside the seat, probably a business card. I clicked the furry cuffs

back into place and his arms were immobile again. Damn, he

looked so good. Even though he had the stereotypical rich brat

look about him, there was an edge to the way he dressed and with

his hair a mess, it made me want to reveal the bad boy inside who

was dying to get out. But those diamond cufflinks winked at me,

telling me exactly how much I needed to know about Aston. He

was loaded and spoiled rotten. And I was a girl from the rough

side of town.

A smile inched halfway up his cheek. I knotted the end of

the rope to one of the seat belt anchors and wound it around the

back of the seat. My chest pressed full up against his as my arms

worked to feed the rope to the other side. He smelled like pine

and sugar and I wanted to moan right there, straddling him, flush

against his hard body. I clenched my teeth to keep the sounds

inside and eased back, winding the rope around his chest and

then back around the seat. We sat like this, close then apart, for

nearly a minute. I felt him harden and squirm with each rotation

until I finally reached the end of the skein. I knotted it with a

pretty bow and sat back to examine my handiwork. Pretty decent

for a first-timer.


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About Mina Vaughn

Kink with a Wink!  Author of the Domme Nation series with Simon and Schuster.  Mina Vaughn is an international woman of mystery and a shoe whore with a heart of gold. When she’s not writing her unique brand of silly smut, she’s plundering Sephora for any pin up girl makeup she can find. The third novel in the Domme Nation series is How to Punish Your Playboy, a fun, sexy romp about a pin up girl and an arrogant restaurateur on a road trip to some…new territories.







Be sure to check out the other books in her series.

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