Cover Reveal – Quiet Country by Colbie Kay


Cover Reveal

 “Quiet Country” by Colbie Kay




“Quiet Country”


By Colbie Kay


Release Date: 8.28.15


Cover Photo: Shutter
Stock & Dollar Photo Club


Cover Design: Jersey Girl Graphics





Bear is the Enforcer for the Satan’s
Sinners. Coming from a


troubled past he lives his life day to day.


He loves his money, women,


and most of all the club. To him that was
all that mattered,


until he met her. Bear always gets what he


wants now he’s set out to get her.


Will he be able to break her walls and win




Jacey’s a doctor with secrets. She has her


life planned out, but Bear goes against it
all. She


set out to find the truth about her past.


When her plan falls apart will she let


pick up the pieces?




You met them in City Lights now find out


what happened in their story.


This book can be read as a standalone with
an HEA.



About the Author


Colbie Kay is from Kansas.
She is married with 3 children.
By day she works in a nursing facility and by
night she writes.
She has always been an avid reader who enjoyed a good story,
but was too nervous to take the next step into the world of
 writing. With the
support from family & friends Colbie
decided to explore the world of
With the courage from others and the excitement
of her stories
she hit publish on her
 debut book in March 2015.














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