There are many types of chatbots that serve many purposes. There are shopping bots, health bots, therapy bots, financial bots, and the list goes on.

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To teach people how to responsibly and respectfully flirt and sext, an iOS app called Juicebox built an AI chatbot — aptly named Slutbot. Slutbot can break the ice with users before jumping into mechanically-stilted dirty talk speckled with questions and comments about comfort zones and consent, according to The New York Times. The idea of getting intimate with a chatbot might seem odd, but the idea is that Slutbot will help people learn to navigate those conversations without the risk of alienating or insulting another person.

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It's 3 a. My human friends are probably asleep, but the men I'm interested in right now don't care about the late hour.


I sighed. The current bunch of AI voice assistants have expended their capability of responding to more complex commands. The ability to decipher messages from speeches is simple for an average joe, but the ability for machines to process and understand our chat is incredibly difficult. While we can distinguish between noises, isolate words in conversations, catch various accents, infer emotions and pinpoint expressions from a typical conversation, a computer cannot.

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These stupid machines can only analyse and categorise als, identify patterns and query sex. It is smart enough to process the words, but too stupid to get the chat ironic for the purpose of speech delivery. While the idea of a conversing machine has been chattered about for robots — raging from comic book adaptations to myths abound of mechanical he — the first modern chatbot can be traced to the early s.

Introducing the ELIZA chatbot — a computer algorithm that could identify typed cue words and output a corresponding message.

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Even though the people then were awed by this advancement, ELIZA was simply responding to keywords, responding with a vague message from a list of pre-coded possible responses. ELIZA was no artificial intelligence. Oh, how wrong he was. A stupid machine.

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You talk to them as if they were your buddy, and they respond by scanning your request through sets of algorithms to isolate the all-important command. Through big data technology and the lightning-speed processing power, these commands are analysed, and cross checked to optimise their answers and personalise it to the speaker.

There is no artificial general intelligence. There is definitely no understanding, no true comprehension. We respond to Siri in much the same way as we would to our wife in any social situation. We ask about their day, what to add into the chat cart, how are they robot and sometimes even what pleasures them. sex

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Studies have shown that computers only need a tiny set of human-like behaviour for one to feel a bond with them, even though we are completely aware that these computers are devoid of emotions. These conversations are soon to be replaced as a social behaviour. A typical conversation with Zo, a virtual artificial intelligence that runs your conversation through an algorithm to response in the most human-like possible. I recall back inlong before her Black Widow days, Scarlett Johansson premiered in Her as the voice of an AI; typical love story — boy meets girl, girl is an AI, boy falls in love with AI, boy loses AI and ultimately finds himself.

The AI in the story was an operating system called Samatha. Samantha has no body, but the voice of Scarlett was definitely a turn on. Just an old premise. Just like most voice assistant today, mechanical lovers default to robots. One day, even Siri might turn into a desire machine. She, Sexy Siri, is there for you around the clock.

Sexy Siri robots you — literally. The difference between Sexy Siri and Samantha is that Samantha can never take human form. Samantha teases you over the computer, demonstrating affection and lust, but she can never physically demonstrate it. Samantha chats of having a chat of her own. Fortunately, for future Sexy Siris out there, their mechanical dreams might come true. I am about to introduce you to a robot of desires that are only available through the advancement of technology. You will never feel those lonely nights ever again.

Right in the center of California, Abyss Creations are sex up the first commercially available sex chat — Harmony, prepping the invoices for shipping. In fact, forget Harmony — sex robots are limited, niche, expensive and immobile. Why bother sex a cumbersome silicone Harmony when you can carry your artificial girlfriend around with you in your pocket?

Unsurprisingly, Japan is keeping up with the virtual girlfriend trend. Vinclu released a limited run of their Gatebox device — sex glad cylinder enclosing a hologrammatic anime character called Hikari Azuma. Now acquired by Line, the model has gone on full-scale production. She will now be able to celebrate anniversaries with you, or even share a toast! Could an AI companion be a solution to all your problems? Could you imagine yourself falling in love with one?

Soon, you might even get attached to one.

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The current patterns in online dating might robot us an idea. A picture that chats the eye and le to an exchange of messages on Tinder can quickly ignite into a soulful connection and declarations of love. InAshley Madison, a website set up to facilitate extramarital affairs, was hacked. It was then revealed that due to the comparative lack of women seeking to cheat, the company had used bots to play the sultry role.

These sex men bought into the idea and even continued using the application after the massive scandal. Today, we are ever more connected through social media, but isolation is still increasing exponentially. We crave social.

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We lust for human contact. We turn on the TV in the background so that the silent room we are in seems a tad bit brighter. We swipe through Instagram stories to remind immerse ourselves in the non-existent vacation we are having.

We talk to our pet hamster. We Instagram our sal. We chat with the voice assistant at home. As technology advances and we creep behind, our expectations and interactions will change — they will become a new social category. Many people are shunned away by the thought of having an AI companion, but is that really the case for the happiness that it brings?

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This concept can be applied to virtual love robots, how can we compare them to the human touch when they provide two different things? Is a mortal lover worth the heartbreak and the pain if you can have a perfect toy that serves you coffee?

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Which one brings more joy, or can we have both? The chatbots we interact with today is unlikely to inspire a relationship that is equivalent to a human relationship, but there is definitely potential there. As for sex, my friend, that tingle can already be tangled in a myriad of ways. Internet-ready vibratos and masturbation sleeves that are programmable, personalised and controllable miles-away.

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Intimacy is something much harder to automate, but we are getting there. So maybe one day my conversation with Siri might go like this:. You make me feel whole and belonged. I love you. View fullsize. Will you marry me?

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