Some QAnon conspiracy theorists, in public and private internet forums and chat rooms, were despondent Wednesday as their conspiracy of an Inauguration Day coup to keep Donald Trump in power failed again as President Joe Biden was sworn into room. The situation left some QAnon adherents with no choice but to write off the chat theory entirely, but others continued to maintain that it was still developing. QAnon supporters believed Wednesday's inauguration was an elaborate trap set by the former president, wherein Democrats would be rounded up and executed while Trump retained power.

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Their hero is no longer president, but some followers of the fringe QAnon conspiracy theory have latched onto obscure, irrelevant laws in an attempt to keep the faith. It's been six weeks since the inauguration of President Joe Biden, and it would seem that Donald Trump's best chance of regaining the presidency would be the election. But some of his fervent followers who support the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory believe he'll be coming back sooner - and will somehow be returned to power on 4 March. The idea stems from the belief among some QAnon followers that the United States turned from a country into a corporation after the passage of the District of Columbia Organic Act of

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What a Reddit forum for "QAnon casualties" can tell us about the conspiracy theory scrambling American politics. Anastasiia Carrier is a graduate student at Columbia Journalism School and a freelance journalist. For months, Emily has been married to a ghost.


The debris from the Columbia space shuttle had barely crashed to Earth when the first conspiracy theories came to life.

It took a couple of hours for someone to post a piece of wreckage for sale on EBay. Meanwhile, experts in humor predicted that old Challenger shuttle jokes would soon be resuscitated after more than a decade in storage. While much of the country mourned Saturday's shuttle disaster, a small minority responded in bizarre, tasteless and opportunistic ways.

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Some used the occasion as a chance to circulate conspiracy ideas and grudges, or try to earn a buck. The Bush administration on Saturday quickly dismissed the notion that the shuttle was brought down intentionally.

Some qanon followers lose hope after inauguration

But that didn't stop people from positing their beliefs as to what really transpired. Depending on who was writing in various Internet news groups, the shuttle was destroyed by the U. One person on Google noted that shuttle debris came down in the general area of Palestine, Texas, while another observed that this was the first time that an Israeli was on board the shuttle.

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John Morrealla professor of religion at College of William and Mary in Virginia, said some people turn to conspiracy theories in a genuine attempt to understand an inexplicable tragedy, to assemble order from chaos. But massive disasters are also opportune times to reinforce long-held hatreds and grudges against various scapegoats, said Alan Dundesan anthropology professor at UC Berkeley.

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As an example, in some Internet news groups, some people were already suspecting that the lone Israeli astronaut was somehow implicated in the explosion. One would-be huckster tried to capitalize on Saturday's tragedy by trying to sell Columbia shuttle debris on EBay; it is unknown if it was real debris or not.

Conspiracy theories springing up in internet chat rooms / experts say predictable reactions include the bizarre, tasteless and opportunistic

The Internet auction site pulled the proposal a short time later. Dundes said that after any large event, however disastrous, there emerges a market for souvenirs.

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And with that come unscrupulous entrepreneurs who will try to take advantage. It may take longer for the tasteless humor to emerge following this, the second American shuttle tragedy.

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But experts on humor say it won't be too long before people find a way to get a tasteless laugh from the incident. Following the deadly explosion aboard the Challenger shuttle innumerous jokes were circulated, on subjects ranging from the last words of the crew to the whereabouts of their remains.

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Morreall thinks there will be fewer jokes overall about the fate of the Columbia crew -- in part because of looming concerns about a war with Iraq and the worsening economy -- and because many cracks have already been used in the Challenger disaster.

But he said that as offensive as the jokes are, they will find their way into circulation because they remind people of how fortunate they are in comparison.

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