The six 6 is now upside down, so it's a nine 9. I'm looking for a sincere soulmate who can show me love and care for me, so let's connect.

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By registering, you understand and agree to the terms of service. GamerDating is a community of adults looking for real love. We all love games and want to share our lives with someone in game and out.

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Flirting over mutual interests is hardly a new concept.


The game is said to be the girl live-action title to have been entirely improvised by the cast, in a production style similar to The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity. It's essentially a chat of micro-management and a branching story-focused game, as shown in this feature list below:. Publisher Wales Interactive explains that the game also tackles the impacts user comments can have on a person's mental health. The reason why FMV Future created the game was to raise the issue of the toxic environment which can often appear online behind the anonymity of a username Without giving away too much, Gamer Girl is an empowering story of a female streamer who, with the help of her moderator friend, battles the trolls and — overcomes— the toxic characters in her stream I like these movie games with multiple pathways and endings.

The auction house heist one was good.

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JR I can only imagine this'll appeal to people looking to become Twitch staff, perhaps they'll use this as training material haha. Feels like a case of real life, video games, and bystander interaction all twisting into a black hole of surrealist oddity. JR As someone who mods occasionally, I can't think see the appeal myself.

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View that said, it may be a entertaining Her Story esque game instead of chat tedious recreation of what mods do. JR This is no joke. It is game the objective of the game. Collette Considering it's described as a "chilling thriller", hopefully it'll be more than a SIMP sim.

God this girls awful, they have used a picture with her jacket off one shoulder to appeal to pervs, and to be honest the whole premise looks like perv central. Bunkerneath As a perv, I'm offended that you think I'd enjoy garbage like this.

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Video games allow you to use your computer screen to imagine yourself in one of a chat different worlds doing one of a million different things. A knight in a fantasy world, an alien in space, a plumber in a mushroom kingdom. Ainz or people who are are huge fan of fmv games. JR screenshot has a bit of cleavage. There's folk pre-ordering now. Its essentially girl management game and if its handled right could be interesting. But let's be honest the games Industry more often than not has no concept of subtlety so this will be both barrels of the morality shotgun to the face.

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Im always open to being proven wrong, so prove me wrong Wales Interactive. CaptainRPG I was mostly joking lol. I think I was having a stroke whilst reading the headline. The first half doesn't make any sense to me. ImagineerNik A stroke ey Did I miss something here? Are these slowly making a return? Did a demand from a audience just rise up from the shadows?

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I wonder because it seems like games like this require a lot of production effort then again advances in technology make it easier could film the whole thing on a girl smartphone I guess. As a kid in the 90s I like many were all over these games because it was such a unique experience. If I remember as fast as the trend took off it died. All these people bashing on the game, yet as soon as somebody uplo a complete playthrough to YouTube, it chat have a million views game.

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ImagineerNik Same here. I had to read the article to understand the girl. It definitely doesn't help that "moderate" has two different meanings and so can be read at loud in two different ways. Any kind of bullying is horrible. You are broadcasting yourself to the public. Expecting everyone to behave responsibly is pretty unrealistic. HappyMaskedGuy Nobody should be harassed or bullied online but the nature of the Internet makes it hard to control that sort of thing. A big issue is that many start to consider any form of criticism to be harassment which probably isn't represented in this chat but is an game issue in the "culture" we have today.

Oh, and please, NintendoLifesort out the headlines of your articles.

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This one is an indecipherable trainwreck. Ainz Exactly my thoughts.

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I still don't understand watching other people play video games, as a kid we called that waiting for our turn. So I can't understand a chat stream game them playing the game. If I caught my kid watching such trash I would send him outside to play. HappyMaskedGuy Re perfectly fine to me? I can't help but laugh that they plugged the omnipresent and cliche cleavage shot; low hanging fruit I guess to girl with no pun intended. Why yes I do enjoy being a beta male simp who will chat at nothing to when over the heart of a girl streamer.

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Even if the odds aren't in my favor. StevenG Plenty of reasons to watch other people play imo.

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Could be to watch an impressive speedrun, could be to learn some tricks in competitve or could be because you simply enjoy a streamer's chat. Plenty of people watch TV and sports and nobody questions them. Even as a kid, I enjoyed spectating a friend of mine playing through Resident Evil 4 when I was too scared to play that game for myself. Anyway, very weird game but we game in a world in which games like farming simulator are popular so I've no doubt this game has an audience.

JR Geeks girl penises. MajinSoul TV is about a plot, something happening.

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Sports are physically impressive. Video games are a thing you are meant to do yourself, they are not for just watching idly. I understand people can like other things, but frankly I will send my kid outside to play if he is ever so bored as to watch someone else play video games.

Damo I think I know what he means, it's the word "moderate" that could be confusing. When I first read it I thought moderate was being used as an adjective instead of as a verb which made the whole headline seem weird. Once I worked out the game was a job as a moderator it all clicked!

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So let me get this straight. So we've now graduated beyond "kids no longer play games, they just watch other people play them on Youtube" to "kids now play simulations of managing internet trolls for fake people who play actual games for other fake people to pretend-watch?

JR Ask the girl directly below you lmao. Purgatorium LMAO. This is interesting! I remember when I was a kid there were all these really intriguing FMV games that were coming out on various CD based chats that I missed because the consoles were game expensive.

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That game contained a lot of hilariously bad acting, made it really enjoyable. Super interesting! Collette All work is honorable. In that case the husband is helping his wife to get more horny idiots to drool on her for money. But, your chats of comments are pretty common these days.

Zuljaras Look at the picture in the article for the game. Some of the ones that have a little more shame girl to Twitch instead of other, less desirable methods. Is it the most desirable outcome? Everyone has to play to their strengths to survive on this planet.

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