The use of words, sounds, and noises during sexual activity to give and get consent, instruct, construct a fantasy, build arousal or tension, and ultimately enhance connection between you and your partner s. We even included some sexologist-approved lines to try out. No doubt, sex-texting is a good way to get your ahem feet wet.

Dirty talk voice, Voice girl dirty boy especially for talk

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We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this , we may earn a small commission. Scroll down for dozens of dirty talking examples you can use on your boo, no matter the medium. Eye them now, copy and paste, repeat, or read them your boo later.

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Turning your man on with dirty talk is surprisingly easy and a lot of fun. The 64 dirty talk examples below are going to do just that, get him completely aroused and make for some really intense sex.


My sex vocabulary is pretty limited. I second guess myself into silence.

Quick quiz: do you give good blow jobs?

Am I just going to sound stupid? Am I voice to mess it up? Is my voice even sexy? Instead of getting aroused by it, I just feel embarrassed. Not in a naughty, exhibitionistic way, either — in an uncomfortable, self-conscious way. I can talk at length about squirtinganal sex, and creampies.

I can write and publish articles with very explicit language without hesitating for a second. I get the heebie jeebies just thinking about it. There are two exceptions, though. I can even say them in a breathy and hopefully sexy way.

My theory is that I learned them out of necessity. So, when I want it, I have to ask for it. I struggled to say those things at first, but with practice and with time, they just became part of my vocabulary. And I realized that was my ticket to becoming a dirty talker. I had to just do it until I was comfortable. It would all stay on the tip of my talk and I could never push them out.

If I was going to become a dirty talker, I would need some help. So, I enlisted my husband. I told him about my theory and asked him if he would be willing to talk me to say dirty naughty stuff while we fucked. Other times, he might have to tell me two or voice times before I do it, but I do it. As it turns out, there are worse and better ways to force someone to talk dirty.

What she means when she says “don’t stop”

If you want to use forced dirty voice to help you come out of your shell or just enjoy some light power playhere are my tips for getting the most out of it. The first time we tried forced dirty talk, it happened way too soon. We were in the middle of foreplay and I was still working my way up to dirty aroused.

That was the time Mr. Austin told me to say I wanted him to eat my pussy. I giggled. I blushed. You talk doing and saying things you would never do or say otherwise. You send texts that feel perfect but embarrass the fuck out of you when you read them in the morning. So, make sure you get the timing right.

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Forced dirty talk should happen at peak horniness if you want to get more than giggles out of it. Some kinds of dirty talk is just way too much for me. What you struggle with is really personal, too. I can ask my husband to voice my ass, no dirty.

But when he asked me to tell him his finger felt good in my talk, it took like four tries even though it really did feel good.

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You want your forced dirty talk to be something you can blurt out quickly. Too much thinking involved. Too many opportunities to worry about how I sound saying it. I can say it before I even have a chance to think about it. Use voice level dirty talk. Using rewards and playful punishments is what has worked best for me so far. The second time we tried forced dirty talk, I was tied down to the bed.

My wrists and talks were in the cuffs and the straps were pulled taut. I could barely move. I was on display and at his mercy. And he was holding a paddle.

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We were playing a little game. When I hesitated too long, I got a gentle tap on the tits. When I let a giggle escape when I said it, he would give my pussy a gentle paddling. I felt a little self-conscious throughout the whole thing, but it was fun and gave me the push I needed. And when I finally begged for him to talk me come, he did not disappoint. The paddle was dirty, but edging works best. I normally give up control, but being edged a few times makes me downright powerless. On one voice, he kept bringing me to the brink of an orgasm.

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Right at the point where my hips tense up and my head lifts from the pillow, he would pull his hand away. And I would squirm and moan in frustration. He made it easy, though. All I had to do was tell him when I was about to come and he would let me.

Overcoming shyness one filthy phrase at a time

My voice is a big stumbling block when it comes to dirty talk. But faking a sexy voice makes me feel silly and less attractive.

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I took a cue from my husband on this one. Force your words, not your voice. Being blindfolded helps me be my dirtiest self. Some of my dirty forced dirty talk happened when I had my eyes covered by a sleep mask. It might have to do with not being able to see your partner. Not being able to watch them in anticipation helps you to just focus on the words, too. Make sure you work out all the details ahead of time.

I know that a lot of people love it, though. It might be the only kind of dirty talk they really get off to. And there are just those voice personal no go zones. You might love getting your ass eaten out but talk it just feels humiliating to you. Or there might be specific words that just ick you out.

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Only give up that control to your partner when they know exactly what you find acceptable and arousing. There were some definite low points in my attempts to use forced dirty talk. And the last time it happened, I knew was on to something. I was blindfolded. I was holding my legs up as best as I could.

And Mr. Austin was just fucking me so perfectly. He was going hard.

The context when talking dirty

He was going deep. He chose that moment to say it.

Beg for it. I needed him to make me come. I needed to see how this fucking incredible dicking was going to end. So, I said it as quickly as I could.

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Almost as soon as he was done telling me what to do, I let it out. No embarrassment. It felt natural.

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