Some only swing with their own friends, kind of a closed circle sort of thing. Then again, there ARE other swinging couples looking for dates…but locating these mysterious sexy strangers is a challenge.

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Curious about the swinging world as a single man? There is a high supply of single men interested in swinging and a low demand for them. We have written this guide to help you enter the swinging lifestyle! Many swinger couples and single swinging ladies that are open to having a single guy often have a high requirement list.

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Browse our free sex personals according to region. Here we list all the local swingers contacts from Ontario, Canada , the best sex clubs, public and private parties.


Forgot your password? Posted the question by mistake to the singles board. It is actually directed to the broader population Clearly, married males swinging alone are suspect and, if cheating, are pariahs in the view of many on this board.

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But, what about married females swinging alone? Does the desire to find a willing unicorn outweigh other considerations? Also, we all know that there are a lot of married males masquerading as singles swinging. Are you or do you know of a married woman that swings alone? I value my life to highly to cheat with a married woman. Some men wouldn't take to kindly to that and quite frankly its not worth finding out shes married to a type AA.

We actually see a TON of "single" women who are really "stepping out" to a place where they are almost guaranteed to get a lot of attention.

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But - ask yourself something If she needs to go to a place where she can guarantee herself attention, just exactly how "attractive" is she? I have to admit - a woman playing behind her husband's back is very likely to get less rejection than a cheating husband - but that is simply another benefit of supply and demand; just the same as a real single woman is going to have it easier than a real single male.

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It is not fair, but that's life. Philosophically, however, no There is zero difference. A woman cheating on her husband is exactly the same as a husband cheating on his wife - with all the potential problems, complications and homocidal outcomes.

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And we personally do not swinger them any differently because we know that the "myth" of the unicorn is just that - and there are plenty of single females out there - and, YES, even attractive ones! They really do exist! There is actually a couple of ladies who come to our club. One came with her fiance for a while, but he was too jealous to swing, so they stopped Except she really liked the idea of getting laid not something that was going to happen readily to her for aesthetic reasons, if you catch my drift so she chat phone - behind his back - which made things really, really awkward since we still saw him ocassionally.

He probably should have seen it coming though, since THEY as a couple would bring a female friend of hers who was alone, similarly challenged in an aesthetic way, and eager to talk with anyone who'd listen about her limp-dicked husband who couldn't get her off sure, he had a good job and could keep her well fed - but that getting her off part He didn't have that skill Now these two women come together, catting around for single men, and I have to tell you - they completely creep me out. It is not just the aesthetic thing either - it is the fact that I know they are married and I know they are a mess.

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If these two women were higher on the trusty scale and they'd both need a 13 to get to 6 I still wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole. I think knowing one of the guys who is being cheated on he has moved out of town and is working on bringing his lovely wife with him :rollseyes Otherwise, I'd probably invite him out for beers and "slip up" and mention seeing her at the club makes the whole thing that much more vile to me There is just no way - in my mind to put a positive spin on it. Sure, marriages fail and fall apart. That I can understand.

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But take care of your business at home first Then come the club as a single I have to interupt here for a minute. I need to put my two cents in. BI women sometimes have husbands that are willing to have them go out with other women for sex.

Hubby is aware and to me that makes it NOT cheating. In our case, we are not "true" swingers, we have an open marriage, we are both able to have sex when and if we want to with others. We started as "regular" swingers, but soon found that we both craved different things from our extracurricular activities.

So hence, we now can do our own thing if we want or not. We do also still play with others together. And we have a great sex life together. I do it just for occasional variety.

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As for why am I here to find playmates? When i go out alone ,I do not like to go very far from home, mostly for safety reasons. And there are few places close to home to go to pick up someone, and still be discreat. Married female that "swings "alone.

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Absolutely not. The key here though is that your husband knows what you are doing. If he didn't, it would be cheating, no? And that is what we were discussing - women cheating to swing alone. I agree with what the others have said, and personally we avoid all cheaters equally.

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The fact is though, we have seen married women playing alone with and without their husbands knowledge, same with men, we have even seen couples that are "married, but not to each other". We have even unwhittingly played with one of the later before we found out they weren't husband and wife.

We found out when the female showed up at the club with her "real" husband and asked us not to say anything to him about knowing her ly.

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Our answer to her was "If you don't want us to say anything then you better make sure he doesn't talk to us, because we won't lie for you. I once read something somewhere that has always stuck with me, even though I don't know how much truth their is to it, about spouses that were cheated on that resorted to homocide. It went something like this, "If a man is caught cheating by his wife she will usually just shoot him, If a husband catches his wife cheating he will usually shoot them both.

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That's right. Guns don't kill people. Husbands that come home early kill people.

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There may actually be something to that. Even though we've never played with a single female, I'm pretty sure a FMF is not worth risking life and limb over.

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Unfortunately, I phone the odds are even The funny thing that I have noticed is that some couples are swinger more ok with a married female who plays alone regardless of what her husband may feel about the situation and are willing to take more risks in that situation than they would with a single guy. I would chat be more worried about the husband of a cheater and maybe the wife of cheater also. I agree with this statement. Unicorns are just so rare that I think people alone overlook their marital status just to get their rocks off.

Dangerous as that may be. We've known some married men who play as singles, but don't know of any married females that play as singles in our area.

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Personally, we are a couple who prefer honesty. If we ever found out that one of our singles was a cheater, we'd drop them like a hot potato. Male or female. Here's how I look at singles in general and I know it will ruffle some feathers and some will disagree and I also realize that there are always exceptions but sometimes some swingers are so deeply ingrained you can't help it.

If a alone, be it male or female, willingly enters or attempts to enter the lifestyle, the chances are they are open to some form of sexual activity. In order for someone, be it a chat of the alone sex, a couple or even a member of the same sex, to be interested in them they will have to be somewhat attractive, pleasant, able to carry a conversation and able to relate on a somewhat personal level with someone.

Ok, so lets add this all up, if someone is interested in sexual matters, is attractive, is pleasant and is able to engage on a somewhat personal phone to a chat adequate to get to a bedroom In other words if you find a single male or female attractive and worthy of entering your bedroom, the chances are pretty darn good that someone else out there is already sharing their bed with them and probably doesn't know of their extra curricular activities.

Yes I am saying that probably darn near all singles that are active in the lifestyle have some form of SO. And that SO may or may not know of their LS activities. They may not be married or engaged and they may not have pledged their committment to their SO, so they may not be technically cheating but any single that is worth of inviting into your bed probably does not have a cold bed at home to begin with.

I would like to think we are the phone here.

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We do play with singles. We are very selective because of all the IF's involved above. To be honest without cutting down clubs.

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None of our single playmates, were met in a club.

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