What’s In The Author’s Bag? Emma Chase Reveals…. @EmmaChse

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Have you ever wondered what your favorite authors carry around in their bags?

Well, this segment on my blog will answer that question.

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Emma Chase revealed the contents of her purse for all to see and explained why she carries them.

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Full disclosure: I might be cheating a little bit, because I just came back from vacation so bag is still “TSA approved for airplane security” much neater than it usual!

So, what’s in my bag?

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My iphone – don’t leave home without it (I never do)! My phone has my kindle app with loads of books, Twitter and FB apps, and of course email – I feel totally cut off from civilization if I don’t have my phone.

Sticky notes & pens – to jot down book ideas and dialogue as soon as they pop into my head (because if I don’t, I’m sure to forget them).

Extra contact lenses – because I’m blind as a bat.

Lip Gloss & Raspberry Rose Kiss Lip Butter – the only makeup I wear every day.

Gum – I’m an old school gum chewer. Juicy Fruit & Big Red are my favorites.

Sun Glasses – great for sunny days and even greater to rest on top of my head and push my hair back (hair in my face drives me crazy).

Hand Sanitizer – because I have kids and they still touch everything.

Receipts – usually from Starbucks (coffee needs to be a business expense).

Wallet – filled with more receipts, photographs and if I’m lucky, a few dollars.

French Lavender & Honey Body Spray – because smelling good makes me happy.

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Thank you Emma for participating in this blog segment. I love your purse.  You have great taste too.  🙂


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Website: www.authoremmachase.com

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About Emma Chase: By day, Emma Chase is a devoted wife and mother who resides in a small, rural town in New Jersey. By night, she toils away bringing her colorful characters and their endless antics to life. Writing has always been her passion, and the 2013 release of her debut romantic comedy, Tangled, was nothing less than a dream come true.

What’s In The Author’s Bag? J.R. Gray reveals….. @TheOriginalGray

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Ever wondered what’s inside your favorite author’s bag/purse/backpack?  Do they carry books, their iPads, coupons, inspirational pictures, etc.?

J.R. Gray revealed the contents of his bag for all to see and explained why he carries them.


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The first thing I always have with me is my iPad mini and keyboard. I never know when I’m going to want to write so I always haul it around.

I keep pens and sticky notes ready as well so I can make lists for Sal, which I rarely follow, and remind myself to do things. My phone is also filled with character notes.

Sun glasses. I think I’d die without them. I cannot see in Miami during the day unless I have my aviators on. (I’m a pilot it’s none toolish for me to wear them)

I have a backup battery in my bag. I kill my phone batter so fast.

Hand sanitizer – Don’t make fun of me. I’m as germaphobic as some of my characters.

My kindle. I hate reading on my ipad so I usually carry it.

Excedrin – I get migraines and this is my life savor.

I am realizing I have way too much crap in my bag. No wonder it’s so damn heavy. I’ll also throw paperbacks in it depending on what I’m in the mood to read. There are usually magnetic bookmarks and chargers as well.

Thank you JR for sharing the contents of your bag with your fans/readers.  As always, it is a pleasure interviewing you.


J.R. Gray




Books by J.R. Gray

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Veil of Scars Cover JR Gray


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You can read my review of Veil of Scars here or click on my logo.twitter image logo for blog

Happy V Day–V for Vinyl by Mina Vaughn

Today’s Valentine’s Day post comes from Mina Vaughn.

Thank you Mina. You rock!


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Happy V Day—V for Vinyl!

By, Mina Vaughn


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! V-day is usually associated with chocolates, cards and sometimes naughty gifts. I’m here to introduce my absolute favorite in kink items….

…drumroll please…

Vinyl tape!

Yes, bondage tape.

Why do I love this stuff? Oh, I can count so many ways.

One, it sticks to itself and not skin. Duct tape, while fun when you’re putting it over clothing, would absolutely wreck your skin or hair. Yuck! I mean, if you want an impromptu waxing, that’s great and all, but OW!

Vinyl bondage tape comes off with no stick, no residue and it can be re-used.


Secondly, it is SO SEXY looking. You can make yourself (or your partner) outfits out of it if you want. I usually buy black, but you can get red or other colors.  Hell, go all out and make a bikini and boots out of it and have your Valentine unwrap YOU!

Lastly, it’s featured heavily in my upcoming book, How to Reprimand Your Rock Star, which comes out this July from Simon and Schuster. My heroine, Thea, is a college athlete and uses tape to bandage up her bum knee quite a bit. But when she meets rock star Keaton Lowe and he suggests she use her medical tape in…more creative ways, well, the whole notion of tape as a bondage tool gets a whole lot more interesting. Then, once Thea meets Scarlett, a local Domme, who teaches her the ropes quite literally, Thea stocks up on vinyl bondage tape to tie up her rock god submissive.

Hot, hot, hot.

So, go out there and grab something sexy and stick-free. You can get bondage tape at most kink retailers but I enjoy lovehoney.com in particular. Plus they have a great loyalty points program.

Happy V-day, all!

Here’s a summary of How to Reprimand Your Rock Star:

In this fun and saucy romance novel, all-star college basketball player Thea dominates on the courts—and off—with a rock star who is determined to win her over.

Thea is a star basketball player at UConn on track to be Rookie of the Year. That is, if she can stay focused on the game. Lately that hasn’t been going so well, as her knee has been bothering her. But that’s not the only thing on her mind…

Ever since rock star Keaton Lowe surprised her in the girl’s locker room, Thea can’t stop thinking about him. On top of his status and enticing ways, he seems to know everything about her. But some of his actions cross the line, and Keaton needs to be punished. Will Thea keep her head in the game, or get distracted by her other favorite pastime—reprimanding her rock star?

Add How to Reprimand Your Rock Star to Goodreads: http://bit.ly/1bWIpM6

Pre-order now! http://amzn.to/19541oN

Find Mina on Twitter @minavaughn, Facebook at www.facebook.com/mina.vaughn.author and at http://www.minavaughn.com