Wines on my Holiday list

Do you buy wines for the holidays?  If you do, you probably buy at your local wine and spirits store.  Well, go online and check out the wineries in Napa.

I was fortunate to visit this amazing winery in Napa called Vittorio Sattui.  It has the best wines and fresh foods.  The actual winery and building are amazing.  The place itself  is the perfect backdrop for a wedding or special event.  After several wine tastings in the area, this winery became my all time favorite.  

Here are the wines on my holiday list.  I do recommend the Gamay Rouge.  It is the best if you love fruity wines like me.Holiday-wines-for-web


wine-gamay-rouge-boxCheck out their website and place your order today.  Wines do make great gifts.  Buy a bottle for your friends and keep one or two for yourself.